Baby Meal Planning For Our Busy Lifestyle

Baby Meal Planning For Our Busy Lifestyle

If you are or have been a parent to a 6 month old or above, you know what it means to plan baby meals all day. Imagine doing that with full time jobs for you and your spouse. Boiling, pureeing, storing and feeding baby food to your little one can be quite challenging and time consuming, especially if he/she refuses to eat after the very first bite.

So how do you do this efficiently? With our busy lifestyles, it is very easy to either fail or feel miserable and guilty for not being a good parent.

Here are a few things that can help you in this process:

  •  Make weekly meal calendars
  •  Try only one taste or texture at a time
  •  Start with just a spoonful of anything new
  •  Try making purees out of fruits and veggies that are easy to prepare
  •  Always test a new food for allergies
  •  Make 5 meals to feed your baby 3 times a day, keeping food aversion in mind
  •  Follow hunger signs
  •  Give meals and combine them with milk to keep your baby full

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