Are There Any Foods To Avoid With Babies

Are There Any Foods To Avoid With Babies

Yes, feeding a child is painful. Tried and tested recipes for one parent may not work at all for another. Different kids have different taste buds. Some prefer sweet stuff, some like savory taste. Add to that a list of food allergies.

And if that’s not enough to make you go crazy, there is a list of food items that are completely not baby-friendly. Some of these are items that our ancestors have been using for years and years.

But we need to find a solution for this. Before that, I have to tell you some food items that are a definite NO for your babies. Trust me, I’ve done my research.

Here are a few food items to avoid in your little one’s meal plan:
● Salt
● Honey
● Turnips and collard greens
● Peanuts and nuts
● Cow’s milk
● Unpasteurized milk
● Grains that contain gluten
● Fish, egg and citrus
● Rice milk
● Sugar

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