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Happa’s Products + Ingridients

Happa foods is a company under Nascens Pvt Ltd that provides 100% organic baby food products filled with goodness of fruits and veggies in puree pouches and porridges that helps parents to provide the right nutrition at every stage of their baby’s growth.
100% Organic fruits and veggies
No Preservatives-additives or colour
No salt & sugar
BPA Free Packaging
Choke Free Baby Friendly Cap
Fresh from the farm
Gluten Free
    Fruits and veggies are sourced directly from certified organic farms
    All the fruits and veggies are then sent for cleaning and peeling
    After peeling, the ingredients are chopped into tiny pieces and blended into fine purees
    Sealed packs are heated to kill the any bacteria present and cooled at room temperature
    The products are kept under regular observation for testing possible contamination. Once cleared, it gets labelled and shipped to the warehouse. The ingredients that are combined to make one flavour are selected according to their pH value in such a way that they balance each other so that it does not go bad and stays longer without adding any preservative.
All of the ingredients in our baby food are 100% certified baby-grade organic and our food is certified by Organic Farmers and Growers. Organic farming and food production means tip-top environmental practices, lots of biodiversity and to give a healthy smile to your little one.
Happa organic baby food uses ingredients that are straight from the farms. We sources apples and peaches from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand while spinach is sourced from an organic farm in
Happa organic baby food includes vegetables like carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, spinach that are 100% organic and safe.
Yes. Happa organic baby food is 100% vegetarian. You can find all the information regarding the ingredients used and in what quantity, its nutritional facts etc at the backside of the packaging.
We don't add sugar to our food
At Happa, we never add any salt to our products.

Using Happa Food Products

Happa puree can be feeded directly and you have to store it in refrigerator if my pouch is opened.
Take 2 spoon of Ragi porridge of your choice, add milk or water and cook for 2-4 minutes. Cool it and serve it. That’s it! You can keep Happa Porridge in refrigerator.
Store the pouch in freezer and consume it within 48 hrs
Store the pack in refrigerator and consume it within 21 days
If the product is physically damaged or inflated with air, then please do not feed it to baby and return it to us, we would replace the pouch
Pouch is made up of BPA Free packaging, which is baby friendly


All babies are different and they will have different appetites, which is completely normal for them. In fact, some days they will have a bigger appetite than others! You may notice that one day they want to gobble up everything in sight and others, they're not that interested. This is often in line with growth spurts and is nothing to worry about. Always be led by your little one's appetite as they know when they've had enough. They will tell you by turning their head away from the spoon or by pushing it away. Don't worry if they don't seem to eat much for a day or two. Over the course of a week or so they will eat enough to get all the nutrients they need, especially if you offer lots of variety.

Give little ones lots of smiles and praise when they eat well or try a new food and never force them to eat if they're not interested. Even after the weaning journey, little ones are still learning about eating, so encourage them to listen to their appetite so they don't routinely learn to overeat.
Little ones are really good at knowing when they've had enough to eat. Unlike us, they don't eat when they're bored or stuff in a dessert when they're full up just because it looks tasty! So if your little one pushes food away or turns his / her head, they're telling you they don't want any more. It's really important to avoid forcing them to eat more than they want, even if it seems they've not eaten that much. They'll probably make up for it later or in a day or two. Every baby is different, so their appetites will vary and this is usually completely normal for them.
Don't worry! This is really common when little ones first experience textures. Gagging is a normal reflex response to new textures and, while it can be worrying, it isn't a cause for concern. Your little one will pretty quickly get used to new textures if you keep trying. When first introducing texture, make sure foods are mashed finely so that the lumps are really small and soft. This will help your little one get used to eating more textured foods.
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